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Photo: Morn Sopharoth

គណៈកម្មាធិការសិទ្ធិមនុស្សកម្ពុជាគាំទ្រឲ្យបង្កើតច្បាប់ធ្វើសំបុត្រអាពាហ៍ពិពាហ៍អ្នកស្រឡាញ់ភេទដូចគ្នា (Human Rights Committee of Cambodia Supports Creating Law To Create Marriage Licences for LGBTQ People)


LOCAL HEROES: Dance to Challenge Tradition


វែកញែកជាមួយសុភ័ក្ត្រ៖ តើគេគួរយកមនុស្សស្រឡាញ់ភេទដូចគ្នាមកលេងសើចធ្វើជាកំប្លែងឬទេ? (Discussion with Sopheak: Should LGBTQ People Be Used For Comedic Purposes?)


Beyond Borders を体得する文化、言語、ジェンダーを超えて多様な人と理解し合う

Drops and Seeds

Tanzforum Berlin


Radialsystem V: CTM Festival: Drops and Seeds - Performance (Review)


Buddhism in Cambodia

BBC World Service

Dance, Pray, Love: Being gay in Cambodia

BBC World Service

Cambodia's first gay dance company builds community from tradition

DPA International

Prumsodun Ok, Dancer

PBS News Hour

「傳統不等於恐同」 柬埔寨首個同志舞團創辦人:台北是個充滿朝氣的城市

The Storm Media

Why Phnom Penh is Southeast Asia's new capital of cool

Lonely Planet


Cambodia's First Gay Dance Company Upends Centuries of Tradition

The Bangkok Post via AFP


How Cambodia's 1st all-male, gay dance company is preserving tradition

PBS News Hour

悠久の舞、よみがえり進化 カンボジア、ポル・ポト時代に踊り手激減

Asahi Shimbun


Why Prumsodun Ok Founded Cambodia's First Gay Dance Company

Dance Magazine

For Asian Americans, coming out in 2019 can still present unique challenges


Prumsodun Ok et NATYARASA, une renaissance de la danse khmère

Le Petit Journal

The inside story of Cambodia's first gay dance company

TED Fellows

Mikhail Baryshnikov Gives a Tour of His Arts Center

New York Times

Cambodia's ancient dance gets modern all-male makeover

Channel NewsAsia

Championing Diversity: Meet the LGBT+ Leaders of Tomorrow

The Dots

Ambitious Cambodian Dance Troupe Honors Artistic Traditions in New Ways

Voice of America

Let Love Win and Dance

The Cloud

The gay Cambodian men tackling discrimination with their modern take on traditional dance


Radical Beauty

The Bangkok Post

Gay Cambodian Dance Co. Upholds Tradition As It Breaks Barriers

Khaosod English

A Dancer Carves a Queer Space in Classic Khmer Performance


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